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Covid-19 plus
Booking Terms & Conditions/Policies


Terms & Conditions/Policies

*REQUIRED ON 1st VISIT - *CREDIT CARD information is stored on file shall you breach the 48 hours cancellation/charge policy - Thanks.

**CANCELLATION POLICY** Call or Text 0438 179 676 - you can update/change your massage appointment prior to the 48 hours via the booking system and logging in to your account.

*48 hours notice is required on cancellation of appointments or a $100* minimum fee applies (+ processing fee). Please advise asap when you are unable to make an appointment so I can try to re-fill your appointment with another person.

*Full payment surcharge on all before/after hour appointments, and full price for 90 mins appointments, and full price for Saturday appointments - Relaxation/Remedial/Hot Stone Massage.    

*Cancellation/consistently changing of appointments will require full payment for all future appointments (non-refundable payment if cancelled less than the 48 hours notice as per policy).

Cash ONLY accepted at time of appointment.

**Gov't Covid Lockdown Restrictions may cause cancellation of bookings at times**

***MASK to be worn when directed by Gov't/Health Officials/Outbreak in area/Mask To Be Worn when necessary***

**NO CHILDREN/ADOLESCENT** must be above the age of 18. 

* There is no room in the treatment room for another adult to be present.

* There is no room in the treatment room for a child to be present, while parent is receiving massage treatment.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment? Your appointment is specifically for you, a 48 hour notice for all cancellations and rescheduling. If you want to reschedule for the same calendar week and it can be accommodated, you will then not be charged a fee. For all cancellations and rescheduled appointments not within 24 hours, you will be charged full fee of  the appointment amount.  CREDIT CARD  information is stored on file shall you breach the 48 hours cancellation/charge policy - REQUIRED ON 1st VISIT. 


What if I am late to my appointment?  Your appointment starts and ends on time so please arrive a few minutes (2 to 5mins) early. If you are late your appointment will still end at the scheduled time so that other appointments can be honored in a timely manner.

Availability (appointment times): Monday – Friday. Preferably BOOK ONLINE: as you will be automatically sent the required forms to be filled out via email prior to your appointment, and forms to be completed and submitted back prior to your appointment.   **Entrance is the door on the front right hand side of building.**Please feel free to park out the front of the premises for your appointment  (be aware around 3.15pm is the school pick up crazy time), I run on a strict time schedule and only work on one client at a time.**


What type of payments do you accept?  Cash payments only.

What to expect on first appointment? It is very important to arrive 5 minutes early and to have your paper work completed so it does not eat into your appointment time. Please provide  your FULL ADDRESS (not post office box) and  Health Fund (if applicable) in the "COMMENTS" section when booking online.  CREDIT CARD  information is stored on file shall you breach the 48 hours cancellation/charge policy - REQUIRED ON 1st VISIT.  Thanks.

By proceeding with an appointment, you agree to the following:

1) I give my permission to receive massage therapy.
2) I understand that therapeutic massage is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or medications.
3) I understand that the massage therapist does not diagnose illnesses or injuries, or prescribe medications.
4) I have clearance from my physician to receive massage therapy.
5) I understand the risks associated with massage therapy include, but are not limited to:
• Superficial bruising
• Short-term muscle soreness
• Exacerbation of undiscovered injury
I therefore release the company and the individual massage therapist from all
liability concerning these injuries that may occur during the massage session.
6) I understand the importance of informing my massage therapist of all medical
conditions and medications I am taking, and to let the massage therapist know
about any changes to these. I understand that there may be additional risks
based on my physical condition.
7) I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my massage therapist of any
discomfort I may feel during the massage session so he/she may adjust accordingly.
8) I understand that I or the massage therapist may terminate the session at any
9) I have been given a chance to ask questions about the massage therapy session
and my questions have been answered.
10) Agree to the 48 hours cancellation/charge policy or a $100* minimum fee applies (+ processing fee).



Decorum: Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Any comments or suggestions of sexual nature will cause the termination of the session immediately. The client will pay full, non-discounted price. The client will not be permitted to return.

Modesty:  Many people wonder about how much clothing they should remove, and what will be worked during the session. You will be draped at all times, and only the area being worked will be uncovered. You are free to leave on whatever you need to in order to feel comfortable, and to specify any part of your body you do not wish to receive work. Therapeutic massage still requires underwear to be worn at all times.



When should I NOT have Massage Therapy? If you have any of the following conditions, you should not have a session:  Fever, any type of infectious disease or contagious rash, systemic infections, severe colds, fracture, bleeding, burns or other acute injury, liver and kidney diseases, blood clots, high blood pressure (unless under control with medication), some heart disease, cancer (may be OK with doctor’s note), open skin lesions or sores (therapist may work around them if localized).

Health Disclaimer: 
You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times.
As such, by visiting/massage appointments by "Massage By Caroline" you agree.

Your therapist, Caroline has been vaccinated since 23 Jun 2021 - this is available for viewing if requested at time of appointment, and takes all the mentioned precautions in the clinic for all here.

***CURRENTLY NOT TAKING BOOKINGS from international travelers*** 

Please refrain from booking for 4 weeks AFTER you have completed any quarantine,  especially those who were on any international flights*** - the decision to accept/decline your appointment will be based on the current outbreaks in our vicinity.

I am not prepared to risk my own health if you have been on an international flight in the last 4 weeks. My health, my family's health, and my client's health is of the utmost importance.

***Please refrain from booking***
- if you have a cold/flu (or symptoms of)
* if you have travelled internationally recently within the last 4 weeks
- if you have spent time with anyone who has travelled internationally recently
- if you have spent time with anyone who is confirmed/suspect to have COVID-19

* if you have just completed Covid-19 self isolation or quarantine within the last 28 days,

please refrain from booking for 4 weeks AFTER you have completed any quarantine.
- if you present any symptoms of cold/flu/COVID-19
- if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, etc
- if you are classed as "vulnerable" to the virus, 
  such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions
- if you have any other contagious illness

until you are 100% healthy again.

Contact Tracing:

Massage By Caroline must keep a record of clients' details, of the date and time the person attended these facilities. Records should be kept for 28 days.

That you hereby give permission for your
to be given to the correct authorities shall the need arise. 

This information is required to be kept for 28 days after your appointment for the purpose of DHHS COVID-19 contact tracing.

Permission for Caroline to contact yourself, and other clients, shall Caroline receive news of a positive COVID-19 case whether it be herself or from a client (without revealing name of such person). 

Massage By Caroline is dedicated to go above and beyond to provide a clean and safe as possible massage therapy practice to our community in a responsible and effective manner as always.

• Contact Tracing Form
• Hand Sanitizer available at entrance/in clinic.
• Masks provided for those who require one.
• Please practice social distancing where possible.
• Friends and family of the client are not allowed to wait in the clinic while the client receives massage, unless they are the clients’ legal guardian.

Health and safety are a top priority for Caroline.

I have always practiced rigorous infection prevention code in my clinic. Everything I use for my clients is changed after every person, cleaned and sanitised. This has always been practiced in my clinic. 

Thank you and I will see you for your massage appointment, as long as you are healthy and taking precaution for the COVID-19 virus.

***MASK are encouraged to be worn by both client and therapist, as WE ARE NOT 1.5metres APART.***

Covid-19 plus
State Regulations NSW  and Victoria Clinics

New South Wales Covid Policies

Masks will continue to be encouraged indoors where physical distancing is not possible, for clients and staff.

Rules for people in NSW

Rules and restrictions for all people living in NSW.

Last updated: 03 August 2022

Shopping and personal services

Anyone can visit retail or business premises. 

  • You are not required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence

  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in is not required

  • Face masks are not required.\

Personal services

COVID-19 Safe Check-in is not required using the Service NSW app at hairdressers, spas, nail salons, beauty salons, waxing salons, tanning salons, tattoo and massage parlours.

Victorian Covid Policies


To download the Department of Health and Human Services cleaning guidelines for workplaces click here

Protective Measures
Please Use Hand Sanitizer Picture
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